Latest news from Tracey:

I will be attending the Institute for Functional Medicine’s 2017 Annual International Conference in Los Angeles on June 1-3. While traveling I may not be able to respond immediately to your inquiries. I will be back in Kansas on Monday June 5th.

Institute for Functional Medicine's 2017 Annual International Conference

Attendees at IFM’s 2017 Annual International Conference (AIC) will be presented with the most recent scientific evidence on the ways in which neuroplasticity can be harnessed and optimized to prevent and treat neurodegenerative diseases, brain injury, stroke, and mental disorders. This will result in clinically actionable steps clinicians can take with patients who have these conditions as well as for those who are concerned about or at risk for neurodegeneration. The conference will also discuss the factors that promote neurodegeneration and present clinical steps to help patients avoid, minimize, or mitigate their impact.