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Due to high demand I am not currently accepting new clients. In order to maintain a high level of personalized service for my existing clients, I need to limit the number of new clients at this time. I expect to add additional clients starting in late March 2018. I am still conducting FREE 15 minute phone consults and if we determine you are a good fit I can add you to my waiting list. Please fill out the form below for the free 15 minute phone consult.

Schedule a Free Consult for Nutrition Care and The Bredesen Protocol™

I am so happy you landed on my contact page! Your decision to schedule a free consultation is a positive step on your health journey. Please fill out the contact form below for your free 15 minute phone consult with me.

Be sure to include your phone number and list a couple of days and times that work for you. I will connect with you within 24-48 business hours. *


Schedule a Genetic (Nutrigenomics) Analysis

If you would like to schedule a Genetic Analysis fill out the form below so Tracey can contact you with details on how to get started. We will schedule a 90 appointment for your genetic review.*

I look forward to talking with you! ~Tracey

*To ensure your privacy please avoid listing any personal health information in the contact form.  This contact form is not encrypted as per HIPPA rules.