What is Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT)?

This is a specialty are of dietetics. Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) may opt to participate in additional training to practice in IFMNT.  Traditional RDNs complete a 4-year undergraduate degree, 1,200 hours of practical experience in an internship and optional master’s degree program. An IFMNT RDN has chosen to follow his/her passion and pursue additional rigorous training. RDNs who practice IFMNT also value the importance of working collaboratively with other healthcare practitioners where the client is at the center of care.

The “integrative” part means practicing using a holistic approach to care with concern for and attention to a client’s mind, body and spirit along with an emphasis on using food as medicine.   This also means taking an individual approach to treating each client. This takes more time in order to get to know each client’s specific needs and then create an individualized plan.

The “functional” part means evaluation clients using a systems approach; the entire body is connected and dysfunction in one part might cause problems in other parts. The goal in functional nutrition is to get to the root cause of poor function or health, then use nutrition to help restore optimal function. To learn more please use this link to watch this short video: http://integrativerd.org/.

This specialty area sets Tracey apart from many traditional dietitians.

Do you accept insurance?

Tracey does not accept insurance or file insurance claims. If requested she is happy to provide you with a coded and paid invoice that you can send to your insurance company. Most insurance companies will not cover health coaching or video/phone appointments. Reimbursement for Medical Nutrition Therapy is limited to only a handful of diagnoses. You will need to contact your insurance provider to see if these services are covered.  The current insurance model is too restrictive to allow Tracey to provide you with the level of care she offers and believes you deserve. The current model does not allow an in-depth assessment and taking time to investigate root cause of symptoms and disease, in addition to guiding your care. Ask yourself, “Is my health worth this investment?”

Do you recommend lab testing?

Yes, Tracey often recommends lab testing. Some tests are optional but some are necessary to help us investigate and get to the root cause of your health concerns. Some tests require kits that you will complete at home and mail in to a lab for processing such as a stool test, urine hormone test, or saliva cortisol test. Other tests, such as micronutrient testing or food sensitivity testing require that you have a blood draw at a draw site or have a phlebotomist come to your home/office. Some draw sites/services require an additional fee for the draw (about $20-50) were some tests include the draw fee.  A common lab company we use is Direct Labs where many different types of tests can be ordered so nutrition-related markers can be assessed.

Are lab tests covered by insurance?

Tracey uses specialty labs that are common in functional nutrition. Most are not covered by insurance. A few are. Tracey will work with you and your budget and only request labs that she feels are absolutely necessary in helping you get to the root cause of your “dis-ease” and move your body toward a state of “ease” and health. Please see the list of some of the commonly used labs under the “Labs” section in the “Work with Me” tab.

How do I decide how many appointments I need or which package to choose?

During your Introductory Consultation Tracey will help guide you in determining about how many sessions you will need to reach your goals. She aims to help you become confident and independent your ability to take charge of your health as soon as possible.

What form of payment do you accept?

You may pay for your Nutrition Consulting session with cash, check or PayPal (PayPal offers options to use credit cards). Your payment is due prior to your appointment. Please note packages are non-refundable.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations are required 24 hours prior to your appointment. Missed appointments will be charged at the full session price. If appointments are part of a package the missed appointment will be deducted from the number of sessions remaining.

What is Nutrigenomics?

Simply put: our genes are not our destiny. Nutrigenomics is the study of how food and nutrients impact gene expression. Some of our genes have SNPs (pronounced “snips”). Think of SNPs as misspellings in our gene codes. If a letter “u” was accidentally put in the word “cat” instead of a letter “a” you would get a very different meaning from the work. Genes have codes for different proteins and enzymes that are the building blocks of who we are and how we function. When some SNPs occur enzymes might not function very well resulting in poor health that can be linked to many health problems such as neural tube defects, clotting disorders, cancer, anxiety, depression, ability to detoxify the body, cardiovascular disease, skin conditions, energy level, ability to utilize nutrients and more.

With the study of Nutrigenomics we can use food and specific nutrients in the form of pharmaceutical grade supplements (and other lifestyle factors such as stress management, sleep, and exercise) to support misspellings in genes and improve health. We have learned that we can change gene expressions; we can upregulate or down regulate gene expression. We can turn genes on and turn other genes on using food and lifestyle factors. No longer are our genes our destiny! See Tracey’s Nutrition Consulting information under the “Work with Me,” tab to learn more about the Nutrigenomics Evaluation that is offered.