What clients have to say about Tracey

Thank you so very much for your time yesterday!  You are such the encourager!   I know I have said this before, but I couldn’t do this without your specific help and pointing out the growth.  I would get way to discouraged!  The supplement charts that you do are extremely helpful!

I wanted to give you a snapshot of what hope you bring to me!  And your generosity is huge!  Not enough words to say thank you!

J.F. (with atypical MS and genetic/familial risk Alzheimer’s)

From the Mom of an 8-year-old girl with behavioral and emotional challenges:

The changes have been awesome – my daughter is able to cope and behave in ways that I would never have believed possible for her. Also, I just had the teacher conference and her teacher has noticed it too! The teacher said she is doing awesome. Socially she is now with it — able to interact with her peers in ways that she wasn’t before. Even the other kids are kind of doing a double take that my daughter is different (in a good way!). We are so thrilled. She even gives a real hug now, want to be with family all the time . . . . .”

Hi Tracey,

I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion earlier today, especially hearing the dedication you bring to the care and management of your patients, your integrative approach to wellness, and especially hearing your own personal story about the challenges you faced with cognitive decline.  To say the least, I feel incredibly fortunate to have stumbled across your name when I was searching for practitioners who specialize in the Bredesen Protocol, and I’m excited to begin working with you.

I also wanted to reconfirm with you that I spoke to my general practitioner today and he’s enthusiastically on board to collaborate with you as we move through the general intake process, testing, and protocol implementation.

Thank you for giving me hope – I feel very optimistic about my path forward (first time since my genetic testing in May) and I am extremely excited to be working with you.  I am ready to make the necessary lifestyle changes to improve my health and general quality of life (now and into the future).


Thank you so much for being generous with your time and all you’ve done for me. It’s incredible to think that I could actually be healthy and I have you to thank for it. Everything you recommended has worked out well.  You definitely know your stuff.

I know there’s other people out there . . . . . . . . and to think that they could have the improvements that I’m having.  Even if it’s one person…

You have a gift to share

Gratefully ~ L.M.

You know, Tracey, I am working with some really great providers now, including you. I was telling my husband yesterday that you are still my most helpful person. You are so smart, so well educated, so well-organized, and so compassionate! You have a passion for what you are doing and it really shows. I tell everyone I know that YOU saved my life. Because of what you contributed to my well-being, I have a much more normal existence, can go out to dinner with friends, travel in the US with Carl again, continue my consulting career, laugh and enjoy my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God blessed me the day we first talked. He knew I needed hope and you provided that.

J.B. (ApoE 4/4 client with severe gastrointestinal problems, autoimmune disease and early cognitive decline.)

Tracey,  Everything is great…the mast cells remind me they are there, but their party time is limited.  For the first time since we moved  in June, 2015, I feel like getting out and exploring the land around us. Yesterday, we went to one of the largest waterfall in Oklahoma that drops 77 feet even though it’s very hot and humid. I haven’t been able to do much in the summer, unless we go west to the mountains.  I’m thrilled, if you can’t tell.  Thank you.

L.R. (struggling with severe Mast Cell Activation Syndrome)

I spoke to you at your excellent Bredesen talk. I was impressed with your knowledge and when I saw you worked with intestinal issues I felt hope.


Thank you, Tracey, for caring! Honestly, this is the first time in two decades I feel I have someone who truly wants to help us.


Hope: the Great Antidote for Fear

When I first met Tracey, I was very ill with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, three autoimmune disorders, diarrhea, histamine intolerance, concerns about my cognitive health due to all the illnesses, and down to weighing only 97 pounds. My medical situation was impacting every system in my body. I had seen at least 6 doctors trying to get help that would calm the storm within my body. Each medical practitioner was puzzled by the complexity of what was happening. Even practitioners trained in Functional Medicine were having difficulty trying to discern what was going on in my body and how to get on the right track for healing it. I truly thought I was going to die. Eventually, I decided to meet with a nutritionist because I was losing so much weight. I met with a friend of Tracey’s first, and she was very helpful in addressing histamine intolerance. The healing process began, yet I was still dealing with issues that my first nutritionist was not trained to work on. So, she referred me to Tracey.

During our first meeting, I found Tracey to be very compassionate, intelligent, ethical, and willing to truly listen to my concerns and experiences. Unlike the medical providers I had seen, Tracey did not try to put a square peg (i.e., me) in a round hole (i.e., a specific model for healing)! She validated what I intuitively knew when she said: Janet, there is no model for your healing. Your health issues are too complex. We need to create a model just for you to address all of these issues. Wow! She got it and the healing began! I needed HOPE in order to move forward. She gave me hope because she had insights that others did not.

Tracey is very intelligent, can “hear” and address the unspoken fears, and she is thorough in her approach to helping. I have found her to be well-educated and trained in Integrative and Functional Medical approaches to addressing illnesses. She is also well-trained in using genetics to provide insight that aid in the process of recovery and renewal. I have been very conscious about my nutrition for the last 20 years, yet due to the illnesses, I needed additional ideas for addressing what was destroying my health. Tracey’s creative ideas for matching nutrition to my emerging needs was incredible. When I first met her, I was so sick, I could eat only chicken and drink water. I hated to cook because everything was making me sick. Now, I have returned to cooking, love it, and my husband and I enjoy wonderful meals again!

Tracey works collaboratively with my physicians providing feedback, recommendations, and exploring interventions that will be the most helpful. Each practitioner has developed respect and confidence in what Tracey has recommended. One of the greatest benefits in working with her is the Individualized Supplement and Meds Schedule that she created and updates with each change taking place. I take the Schedule with me to every doctor’s appointment, and they can easily see what supplements and meds I am taking, update their records, and plan their interventions accordingly. Her Schedule is extremely helpful to me daily because it identifies each supplement and med, indicates why I am taking it, what it is addressing, how much and how often to take it, and whether to take it one hour before food or with food. I have learned so much from Tracey!! Her approach makes perfect sense to me. She has enabled me to learn more about my illnesses and the solutions to them.

Finally, I did not think I would be able to handle “cyber meetings” with Tracey or anyone for that matter. I am used to face-to-face encounters. Much to my surprise, our time together on the phone and on Skype has been great! She makes it easy to understand and follow what she is talking about. She sends the outline of what we will be talking about in advance, and after our conversation, she sends a summary of our discussion and the next interventions in our plan.  I can paraphrase a profound statement from Robert Kennedy to describe what I see in Tracey Long: Some people see things as they are and ask “Why.” Tracey dreams of things that never were and says “Why not?”

From J.B. (A health journey that includes ApoE4/4, mold toxicity, and Mast Cell Activation Disorder. Implementation of The Bredesen Protocol™)

As someone who has lacked energy and productivity in his early twenties Tracey has helped me get to the root cause of some of my conditions and helped me perform a lot better in a matter of months.


Tracey, It was so nice meeting you!  Such life changing information!  All of it fits together with my health conditions.  I am so fortunate to have found you.

from M.B. after her Nutrigenomics Analysis

Regarding chronic diarrhea and arthritis:

We had a “ta da” moment today.  Although G.J. hasn’t been as reduced gluten as me, he had the moment today. He hasn’t been having diarrhea and bloating with our new eating. Today, he experienced both almost immediately after eating just 1 piece of pizza.  He got wide-eyed and said “gluten!”.  Feel so grateful for helping him with diarrhea and me with arthritis pain.

Thanks again Tracey.

G.J. and M.J.

Regarding chronic health problems and a new Lyme Disease diagnosis:

“Tracey is compassionate, insightful and very knowledgeable. She is also a wonderful, warm person.

I went to her originally for a long-standing chronic issue. From the first appointment, there was a marked improvement in my health. That has continued during the three years that I have been working with her. She is endlessly resourceful in coming up with helpful suggestions and ways of ameliorating and curing medical issues.

Additionally, Tracey cares, she really cares and this is an attribute that makes it wonderful to work with her. I have known many doctors, in my seventy years, but I have never felt that any of them have cared as much about me as Tracey.

More recently, I contracted Lyme and a couple of co-infections in June and Tracey has been invaluable suggesting supplements and other ways to help my immune system deal with the drugs that I am now on.

Should you be fortunate enough to cross paths with her, leap at the chance to work with Tracey. She is a very lovely person and super competent in her field.

I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”


Regarding weight loss and improved blood lipids:

“In May of 2014, I found myself to be in the worst shape of my life.  It was time to do something to restore my physical health and I knew I would need some help to do so.  I decided to hire a health coach and believe that doing so has been essential to my return to a healthier me.  My coach, Tracey Long, has been instrumental in helping me to articulate realistic fitness goals.  She took time to talk with me and knows that I don’t particularly like exercising and that my time is very tight, and designed a fitness program that works for me.  She checks in periodically to see how I am progressing and changes my routine so I avoid boredom and derive maximum benefit from my program.  On the days I just don’t feel like working out I recall her advice to “just do something for at least 10 minutes and see if you can’t get past that” which is great advice and I find I always to.

Tracey also developed an eating plan just for me. I have done very well with my new eating habits. I have lost more than my goal and am buying clothes for a good reason . . . . . going DOWN in size!

Whether you want to “get back in the game,” lose weight, improve blood labs or change up your current fitness routine, I would highly recommend working with a health coach.  I consider the time and money to be well spent and know that I have benefitted directly from Tracey’s expertise.”

J.M. (lost and kept off 14 pounds while also decreasing her body fat percentage from 33.5% to 24.6%!)

Regarding a cancer remission diet, supplement recommendations and exercise program:

“Tracey Long is my life saver.  After a long illness she helped me start a path to health. She recommended changes to my diet and supplements.  We worked hard on strength training exercises because I lost so much muscle and strength from my illness.”

L.B.(prostate cancer in remission)

Regarding gout symptoms:

“Since watching my sugar levels and changing my diet I haven’t had a single flair up.  Actually got my parents watching their sugar levels and they have lost weight.  So thankful for your help.  So thankful to be running again.”


Regarding a personalized exercise program:

“ We have been working out with Tracey for ten years. She offers us much insight into our needs based on age related issues. She has a divergent program; mixes it up so it is fun to go to the gym.”


Regarding a cancer exercise program:

“After extensive hospital stays with chemo treatments, my body was seriously “deconditioned.”  Tracey was the PERFECT trainer.  Her gentle, compassionate approach and expert knowledge of chemo’s effects encouraged me to get into a manageable workout routine, which I had never done before.  At age 67, I am finally working out regularly.  I think she’s really an angel masquerading as a trainer!”

B.T. (acute myeloid leukemia in remission)