Mold and Mycotoxin Illness Support

Tracey has had personal experience with mold toxicity, has had to have her living/office space remediated and works regularly with clients with mold toxicity with many complex symptoms. She is willing to work with your medical doctor to collaborate your care. This may be necessary as some individuals benefit from prescription medication support such a hormonal and/or certain binders.

Tracey is committed to staying up on the latest research on mold toxicity and regularly attends trainings by experts such as Dr. Neil Nathan MD, Dr. Jill Carnahan MD, Dr. Theoharis Theoharides MD PhD and other environmental medicine experts. Additionally, she attends monthly trainings with Dr. Dale Bredesen.

Here is a link to an interview where Tracey provides a summary of recent information on mold from January, 2020 with Dr. Nik Hedberg:

Here is a link to the The International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEAI) mold testing guide:

In order to work with Tracey on mold toxicity here are some things you can plan for:

  1. Request a free 20 minute introductory phone call with Tracey via the website contact page. 20 minutes
  2. If we decide to work together you receive an invitation to create your account a Tracey’s secure patient portal, Practice Better.
  3. Sign up for the 90 minute Initial Consultation at Practice Better. Tracey will assist you with scheduling this or will send you an email with a recommended date for this appointment based on her waitlist.
  4. Upload any current lab data from within the past year to Practice Better at least two business days before your appointment.
  5. Complete the Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test and upload your results to Practice Better at least two business days before your initial consultation. Here is the website link:
  6. Upload your completed forms to Practice Better at least two business days before your appointment. NOTE: The forms should be saved to your computer before you start filling them out. Fill out the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Forms cannot be edited and saved from within a web browser such as Chrome or Edge. If you fill it out within the web browser the information will not be saved.
  7. Meet with Tracey for your Initial Consultation to include completing a Biotoxin Survey.
  8. Tracey may urine mycotoxin test prior to your Initial Consultation OR at your Initial Consultation, based on our free phone chat. This kit is prepaid via an email invoice from QuickBooks. Tracey may recommend you provoke the test with glutathione.
  9. Tracey will support you with an individualized mold/mycotoxin detoxification plan, based on your test results, and provide you will additional general information on home testing/remediation, dietary advice, supplement suggestions and possibly additional testing if warranted. Many individuals with mold toxicity also need support for gut imbalances, histamine sensitivity or other health concerns. Tracey will provide support as within her scope of practice or refer you for medical care if needed.
  10. Most mold illness support clients can expect the following costs:
    • Initial Consultation ($399)
    • Visual Contract Sensitivity Test ($15)
    • Follow-up sessions with Tracey: 3 x 30 minute sessions ($407) or 6 x 30 minute sessions ($807)
    • At home urine collection test for mycotoxins: Mosaic Diagnostics MycoTOX Profile ($359) or RealTime Laboratories Mycotoxin Panel ($399).
    • Detox support supplements vary in price and length of use from 3-18 months. Cost of detox support supplements ranges from $99-399/month. Tracey works with you to limit this cost.
    • Retesting is recommended at about 4-6 months using the same test kit. Those who are very sensitive or slow to detoxify or with very high mycotoxin loads may need to retest more than one time.
    • Optional – some individuals additionally support detoxification with home sauna or outside source sauna, neural retraining, coffee enema kits and other support options. The costs in this area vary widely.
  1. ImmunoLytics mold testing. Price dependent on number of locations tested. Order kits at ImmunoLytics .
  2. Tracey is not an expert in home remediation, if this is needed, but she can guide you in home testing and help connect you with remediation experts, if warranted.